Organic, Raw & Health Food Restaurant to Boost the Diet!

Oi amores,

Tudo bem?

Hoje trago um post sobre um dos melhores restaurantes para incentivar a “dieta”.thecru

O The Cru, é um restaurante em Cascais a base de alimentos sem glúten, biológicos, sem lactose e sem açúcar.

Fica perto da praia (que é sempre um plus) e tem uma parte de mercearia com produtos para compra todos biológicos!

Os brunchs são exclusivos para os finais de semana, mas podem ir nos dias utéis para usufruir de um almoço delicioso e healthy 😉

Decidi almoçar lá, e pedi um prato, com entrada de hummus (com direiro a palitos de cenoura e aipo), e extra de batata doce (yum)! crr-e1537667343147.jpg

Perguntei a uma employee (que foi extramemente simpática), qual bebida era best seller, e indicou o queima gorduras, 100% natural, sem açúcar e cheio de vitaminas!

De sobremesa pedi um brownie (sem açúcar, of course)

Sai de lá mais que satisfeita, e claro se sentir guilty como depois de comer uma pizza haha! Super recomendo a visita, é um espaço super cute e agradável e tem um menu de morrer.

Mil bjos,




2ª Feira a Domingo
Das 9:00h às 20:00h

Rua Joaquim Ereira, nº 1543 r/c Dto
2750-392 Cascais

T: +351 927 760 739




How to Work for a International Cruise Ship!

Hi babes,


Welcome back to my blog! It’s been a long time, I’ve missed yall.

So the reason why I was excused for a couple of months was because I was working on board as a Beauty Therapist.

It has always been a dream of mine, and it came true. I travelled all the way from London, to Miami, Bahamas, Havana (Cuba), Japan, Taiwan, China (Yes, I went to the Great Wall, and it was unbelievable) ,  39297019_2065623443688724_6779624250606092288_nCanada, Seattle, Alaska (what if? And hell yea, it has the most amazing views ever), Russia, Amsterdam and Italy, all around in 5 monhts timing!

So how did I get the job?

I applied online! Yes, to the power of Internet. I know it sounds simple, but the process is quite complicated, but worth it. I worked for a International Company called Steiner, which is the lead company for spa, medi spa and fitness worldwide.

After I graduated my Cosmetology College, I went and serached for Cruise Jobs! And yes, I never imagined being accepted in one, guess dreams 39242387_2065622693688799_5105951743909298176_ndo come true. I was called for a interview in Lisbon in a hotel, and after a couple of days they sent me a email saying I was accepted! I never felt so excited, so I started working on my VISA, certificate and documents (P.S.: there is quite a lot), I had to do STCW 95 which is a Safety Basic Course for Ship (which I did in Brazil), and went to the USA embassy to apply for my C1/D VISA, which is for crewmembers, we also need Yellow Fever vacination for certain companies, and a cervical screening exam (what the heck, I know…), after that I went to London, were Steiner Academy is located, and wow what a experience. I stayed in a student hotel, were we studied everyday for several hours and had quite a lot of exams. On the first day we went to get our medical done, which includes a lot of tests incluind blood exams to see if you are health enough to be able to live on board. After 3 weeks of intense exams, studying every single day and going to sleep at 1am and waking up at 6am I got my flight details and my ship which was Norwegian Cruise Line and I went off to my new adventure at sea.

Yes, it is a lot of hard work, long hours, a lot of pressure but so worth it. Please let e know if you want to know more about the ship life, and if you have any questions at all I will be happy to answer them.

Basically, if you have a dream, never give up because it will happen.


Was nice to caugh up,

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Hi babes,


with brands I love like Sigma, Zaful, RoseGal
-Finish my Beauty Scholarship!
After 2 years I finished
-Swim with Dolphins!
A childhood dream come true
-Got to know what love is
Love is a strong but beautiful word, I truly believe everyone deserves and needs love.
-Went back to my origins a
It’s been more than 4 years since I haven’t been to where I was born: Brazil
Going back there was a truly amazing experience.
And that’s all for the sharing,
Have a wonderful year, full of love, joy and happiness
With love,

List Of Brands That Send Free Products!

Hi loves,

welcome back to my blog, or if it’s ur first time: Welcome to my Blog!

Today I bring a list of brands with their contact that sends free stuff or do partnership with bloggers and influencers:

To know how to message them and what to say: click here

Here is the wanted list;











Market Fashion:


Ami Club Wear:

Daniel Wellignton:


Kawaii Box:



Hope you enjoy the list and receive a lot of goodies,

With love,




Best ways to get Free Products!

Hi loves,

welcome back to my blog x p

Today I bring a really exciting article about how to get free products, including MAKEUP, CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES sent to you!

First- Get in contact with the brands and stores!

A great way to get in contact is my emailing, or even sending a chat or direct message. In case of Instagram, simply send a dm to the brand, or reach them out by sending a message on Facebook.

What message should I send tho?

Start by saying how you got to know the brand, and ask if you can try the new product since you heard onderful things about it, is an example.   aa

State the fact that you like the brand and you want to get to know more of the product, or want to try out (the probability of sending samples is really high- which is great to travel with).

If you are a blogger or Influencer, that’s a whole new story and you can check my: How to Get Partnership With Brands? here

Second- Get in contact with brands you know they easily send products or samples

Some brands are more easy to send samples and products to clients, others don’t, select a few you know like MAC, Sigma, Zaful, Shein, SoFeel, Clarins, The Body Shop, NIVEA…

In my next post I’ll be posting a list of emails and contacts of brands x

Third- Write reviews aaaa

There are a couple of websites that send free product when writting review about the products like Octoly, or simply write a review on Facebook, Instagram and tag the brand, thhese will make sure the brand knows you like their product and the chance of them sending a new product for you to try is high, knowing you are a valued “customer”.


Lastely Don’t give up, if brands don’t send full size products, there are a lot of brands that send free gifts, samples and do giveaways now and then.

Have a beautiful week x

with love,






How to Get Rid Of Acne Fast! Overnight

Hi beauties,

welcome back to my blog!

Today we are gonna be talking about how to get rid of acne overnight!

I’m gonna be sharing my best tricks to remove that unwanted blemish fast.

1- Cleanse,

First main step is to always cleanse your face and keep it fresh, basically oil free but always hydrated!

2- Use a good hydrating cream,

All skins need hydration, even if you have a oily face. Hydration is different than moisturizing, hydrate is based in water, and moisturize is based in oil.

3- Tea Tree Oil or Water

Apply some tree tea oil directly on your blemish and leave it overnight! It does miracles!

4- ToothPaste

Apply a white toothbaste (non gel based) on your acne for about 20 minutes, and apply a toner.

5-Baking Soda

Apply some natural baking soda and distilated water on your acne and leave for no longer than 10 minutes.


These are my go to tips to remove those unwanted acne!




International Giveaway! OPEN

Hi babes,

today I bring a International giveaway that is currently open on my channel!

I will be selecting a random winner, you can enter from all around the world if you are 18 years old or have your parents permission.

Here you can enter: Click me

The winner will be selected on November 29th and will be messaged privately.


Good luck,



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Hi loves,

today I bring a secret; how professionals do a face cleansing at a beauty spa.

Studied by professionals haha,    bangkok-best-facial-1

1- Remove Makeup

Remove any makeup you have with a makeup wipe, gel or liquid.


2- Cleanse

Use a cleansing milk and gve yourself a face massage, I recommend doing a skin test or consulting a professional to see what is the best product for your skin type.


3- Peeling   face-peel

Next step is esfoliating, know professionaly as peeling. Use a gel/water  basepeeling if you have sensitive skin or a charcoal/mud peeling for oily and normal skin.


4- Steam

Heat some water and put a towel above your head to open those pores, steam it for 5-10 minutes. Add some essential oil for aromatherapy.cosmetologist applying skincare treatments at cosmetology school


5- Extract

Use a tissue between your finger and extract those black and whiteheads, remember to never extract a pimple, if touched, they became infected and can lean to worst problems.



Use a toner to balance the PH of yur skin, always after removing products with water, apply a toner.


8- Maskfacelift1-e1385658503418

Apply a mask for your skin type, if you have normal skin use a water based mask to hydratate your skin, leave for 10 minutes.



Give some love to your skin, by massaging a face cream on your face to finish your professional at home face cleansing.

Staz zen,






Hi loves, today I bring my fall essentials and must haves to stay cozy and in the vibe!

1- Light Sweaters aa

Light and comfy sweater are cozy and perfect for fall, were it’s a little windy and can confort you without heating too much.

2-Hot drinks

Nothing better than a warm tea, or a hot cocoa in Fall


Everything pumpkin is amazing, from body care like body scrub, body butter to drinks, spices, food.


The combination of both: hot drinks with pumpkin: Pumkin Spice Latte, yes I’m a basic b* lol


I love everything with cinnamon, I use cinnamon and honey on coffee to substitute sugar and it’s amazing, cinnamom cookies with hot tea. large

And never forget to enjoy every season. Every season is unique.

Happy Fall,


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Halloween Last Minute Costume Ideas!


Hi loves,

Halloween is coming soon, and you still don’t have a costume?

Don’t worry, I have here tips and tricks for you to get the perfect outfit in minutes

First let’s talk about my last year’s Halloween outfit, it was a little puma, I invested on the makeup as you can see here:


Halloween Makeup

But follows the perfect ideal for Halloween fashion:

You can use simple but cute outfits like this amazing leggings skull: Click to see

Combining with this skull t-shit, formas the perfect outfit: Click here to see

If you want something comfy, check this amazing onesie: Click here to see



Don’t forget to have fun and stay safe,