How to Work for a International Cruise Ship!

Hi babes,


Welcome back to my blog! It’s been a long time, I’ve missed yall.

So the reason why I was excused for a couple of months was because I was working on board as a Beauty Therapist.

It has always been a dream of mine, and it came true. I travelled all the way from London, to Miami, Bahamas, Havana (Cuba), Japan, Taiwan, China (Yes, I went to the Great Wall, and it was unbelievable) ,  39297019_2065623443688724_6779624250606092288_nCanada, Seattle, Alaska (what if? And hell yea, it has the most amazing views ever), Russia, Amsterdam and Italy, all around in 5 monhts timing!

So how did I get the job?

I applied online! Yes, to the power of Internet. I know it sounds simple, but the process is quite complicated, but worth it. I worked for a International Company called Steiner, which is the lead company for spa, medi spa and fitness worldwide.

After I graduated my Cosmetology College, I went and serached for Cruise Jobs! And yes, I never imagined being accepted in one, guess dreams 39242387_2065622693688799_5105951743909298176_ndo come true. I was called for a interview in Lisbon in a hotel, and after a couple of days they sent me a email saying I was accepted! I never felt so excited, so I started working on my VISA, certificate and documents (P.S.: there is quite a lot), I had to do STCW 95 which is a Safety Basic Course for Ship (which I did in Brazil), and went to the USA embassy to apply for my C1/D VISA, which is for crewmembers, we also need Yellow Fever vacination for certain companies, and a cervical screening exam (what the heck, I know…), after that I went to London, were Steiner Academy is located, and wow what a experience. I stayed in a student hotel, were we studied everyday for several hours and had quite a lot of exams. On the first day we went to get our medical done, which includes a lot of tests incluind blood exams to see if you are health enough to be able to live on board. After 3 weeks of intense exams, studying every single day and going to sleep at 1am and waking up at 6am I got my flight details and my ship which was Norwegian Cruise Line and I went off to my new adventure at sea.

Yes, it is a lot of hard work, long hours, a lot of pressure but so worth it. Please let e know if you want to know more about the ship life, and if you have any questions at all I will be happy to answer them.

Basically, if you have a dream, never give up because it will happen.


Was nice to caugh up,

Have a lovely week,








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