How to Grow on Instagram FAST!

Hi loves,

Hi October!

My personal favorite month, since it’s: My Birthday!

Today I’m gonna be talking about how to Grow on Instagram Fast.

  1. Engagement!

Engage the followers, by commenting on others people posts, posting regularly by doing a schedule when your posts go live, doesn’t necessarily needs to be in a exact time, but posting on every saturday for example.

2.  Feed

To keep a beautiful and clean feed is quite important. Use apps like UNUM to preview how your feed will look like before posting a picture.

3. Spreading the world

Message other people that you identify your profile with to plug the others profile, that way other people get to know your profile.

4. Partnership

Something that helps a lot is partnership with other brands. Normally, brands have special people to do marketing and promote the brand. That way their followers get to know you, as well as they will give you comission, do paying fee or send you free gifts.

5. Don’t give up!

Never give up, if something you want takes time, it will get there.

instagram Click on the Instagram icon and feel free to message me here if you need anything 😉 I’m always happy to help my beloved readers!

Good luck,

with love



Giveaway! Passatempo.. Vem Ganhar

Hi loves, In Beauty, one of the biggest Beauty Events is next month already!

I’m giving away 2 VIP tickets, to enter is easy and simple: Follow this blog: here and click on the follow button bellow “About Me”

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And that’s it, I’m gonna contact the winner in October 15th

Good luck babes




Babes, In Beauty ja é mês que vem!
Estou sorteando 2 convites VIP’s,
Tudo o que precisa fazer é:
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Boa sorte,





Our Fresh New Range! Special Promotion, Limited Gift + Free Shipping

Hi loves,

Today our team launched the new Karina Yumi Cosmetics “Fresh” Range that looks and is gorgeous! For our lauch we are making our very first promo for you, with Free Shipping over 30€ worth of goodies + Free Limited Edition Personalized Gift!

Get this promotion until 12th Of October! What are you waiting for?








Best way to: Relax After a Stressful Day

Hi loves,
I’ve been working a lot lately, I work as a International Brand Manager, which can become really tiring.

So here are my favorite ways to relax and zen out when coming back after a long day of work or a stressful day:

  • Get in comfy clothes!

Getting out of your work clothes is the main step, go dress a confortable sweat pants and t shit, or whatever you feel confortable in

  • “Treat” Yourself

Give yourself a little treat, like a snack that you love,a warm cozy tea, whatever you feel like “cheating”, instead of cheat day call it cheat time, but don’t forget the diet lol

  • Relax Yourself

Lighting up some candles gives a perfect cozy and relaz ambient, listen to some relazing music that you like.

  • Take a shower or bath

Right after work I always love to take a warm shower to feel relax and clean, it relaxes and makes you feel more like home

Lastely don’t forget to do what you love, related to working, studying or anything in general, doing what you like makes you enjoy the work (in this case) better, and will make you less tired and stressful!

You’re beautiful











Help me know what you want me to post!


Monthly Favorites- August 2017

Hi babes,

sorry to post this on late September, but I couldn’t stop from sharing my favorite products of August, cause was a blast!

So here it goes:

Silisponge! The perfect sponge for acne skin, had a soft application feel, without spending product, and fast cleaning.

Portable Table! I know this sounds insane, but helped me so much, not only for a treat myself time (like a breakfast in bed), but for putting my computer, working, paper work, etc.

PopSocket! I know it’s so last year, but I loved them this month, for me it’s not a trend, but a helper, helps to hold your phone better, take selfies, watch videos & plus

Hope you enjoyed,






Zaful: My Go To Online Shopping


Layered Maxi Dress

Hi loves,

Today I’ll be talking about Zaful, a online fashion store!

There are plenty of amazing outfits, acessories, beauty, shoes & more!

Here are my favorites:

Loose One-Shoulder Sweater:

Smocked Belted High Waisted Shorts:

Floral V Neck Off The Shoulder Playsuit:

Want to be the more fancy in this summer? Just do it! Surprise code: ZFEN




My Go To Products of 2017!

11annv-logo188-50-2 Hi loves,

So today I’m gonna talk about my go to products of this year! They are from Bang good:

This amazing website where you can buy all types of products, from Healthy and Beauty to House Supplies.

They are several options and opportunities like getting coupons, sales, disconts, games and more!

Here are the list of my favorite go to products:

Black Head Remover:

Best Tools to remove blackheads and cleanse your skin!

BlackHead 3 Steps by BIOAQUA

This 3 steps product does miracle! Highly recommend it

Face Mask

This charcoal face mask does wonders, and the best thing is natural and comes in a large quantity!

Magnetic Lashes

Omg, reusable magnetic lashes! This sounds unreal, but trust me they are amazing!

Modern Chandelier

Perfect to give your room a modern look!

The products are high quality and the price is from another world!

Give it a look, and you won’t regret it,


karinayumi cosmetic


How to Get Partnership With Brands?

Hi loves,

Today ‘m talking about how to get partnership with brands, including International that accept bloggers from all around the world!

  1. Engage your followers

First tip is to engage and grow your audience, don’t feel like you NEED to get a lot of followers to get partnership, but the more you engage the more your chances grow to get partnership.

2. Contact the brand

Don’t expect that the brand will contact you if you are interested in gettig a partnership with a certain brand, email them or contact them.

3. Midia Kit

Midia Kit s a blogger kit that includes all types of information to your blog, like number of followers, impressions, expectations, etc..

4. Events

Most of the countries has beauty events now a days, which includes bloggers & brands, what better way to get contcat with a brand than talking to the brnad personaly. They can give you samples or even full product and share emails, and even get sponsorship!

5. Types of Partnership

The types can be a lot, and unique because the brand can collab in a different way with each blog, but the most popular includes: Affiliate Program- you share and get comission to each person who uses your link to buy from the website, Promo- the brand send you products were you do reviews/promos, Sponsorship- you get paid to talk and promoto the brand.

If you want more info about each brand, including the email/contact leave a comment so I can do a personal post about it!




DIY Purifying Face Mask


  • 1/4 cup of brow sugar
  • 1/2 a small lemon
  • 1/2 tsp honey


  1. Get a mixing bowl and squeeze the juice out of 1/2 a small lemon into it. Make sure you remove any seeds.
  2. Add in the honey to the brown sugar and lemon juice and begin whipping the mixture with a brush.
  3. Now onto a clean face, apply your freshly prepared face mask all over your face using a facial brush or cotton ball.
  4. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse the mask off21078785_1884587708458966_6209377083971692080_n

Clean and purifying face in easy steps!