Best ways to get Free Products!

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Today I bring a really exciting article about how to get free products, including MAKEUP, CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES sent to you!

First- Get in contact with the brands and stores!

A great way to get in contact is my emailing, or even sending a chat or direct message. In case of Instagram, simply send a dm to the brand, or reach them out by sending a message on Facebook.

What message should I send tho?

Start by saying how you got to know the brand, and ask if you can try the new product since you heard onderful things about it, is an example.   aa

State the fact that you like the brand and you want to get to know more of the product, or want to try out (the probability of sending samples is really high- which is great to travel with).

If you are a blogger or Influencer, that’s a whole new story and you can check my: How to Get Partnership With Brands? here

Second- Get in contact with brands you know they easily send products or samples

Some brands are more easy to send samples and products to clients, others don’t, select a few you know like MAC, Sigma, Zaful, Shein, SoFeel, Clarins, The Body Shop, NIVEA…

In my next post I’ll be posting a list of emails and contacts of brands x

Third- Write reviews aaaa

There are a couple of websites that send free product when writting review about the products like Octoly, or simply write a review on Facebook, Instagram and tag the brand, thhese will make sure the brand knows you like their product and the chance of them sending a new product for you to try is high, knowing you are a valued “customer”.


Lastely Don’t give up, if brands don’t send full size products, there are a lot of brands that send free gifts, samples and do giveaways now and then.

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International Giveaway! OPEN

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today I bring a International giveaway that is currently open on my channel!

I will be selecting a random winner, you can enter from all around the world if you are 18 years old or have your parents permission.

Here you can enter: Click me

The winner will be selected on November 29th and will be messaged privately.


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Giveaway! Passatempo.. Vem Ganhar

Hi loves, In Beauty, one of the biggest Beauty Events is next month already!

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Monthly Favorites- August 2017

Hi babes,

sorry to post this on late September, but I couldn’t stop from sharing my favorite products of August, cause was a blast!

So here it goes:

Silisponge! The perfect sponge for acne skin, had a soft application feel, without spending product, and fast cleaning.

Portable Table! I know this sounds insane, but helped me so much, not only for a treat myself time (like a breakfast in bed), but for putting my computer, working, paper work, etc.

PopSocket! I know it’s so last year, but I loved them this month, for me it’s not a trend, but a helper, helps to hold your phone better, take selfies, watch videos & plus

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I’m giving away the ULTIMATE CARBON COCO KIT
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