List Of Brands That Send Free Products!

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Today I bring a list of brands with their contact that sends free stuff or do partnership with bloggers and influencers:

To know how to message them and what to say: click here

Here is the wanted list;











Market Fashion:


Ami Club Wear:

Daniel Wellignton:


Kawaii Box:



Hope you enjoy the list and receive a lot of goodies,

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Best ways to get Free Products!

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Today I bring a really exciting article about how to get free products, including MAKEUP, CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES sent to you!

First- Get in contact with the brands and stores!

A great way to get in contact is my emailing, or even sending a chat or direct message. In case of Instagram, simply send a dm to the brand, or reach them out by sending a message on Facebook.

What message should I send tho?

Start by saying how you got to know the brand, and ask if you can try the new product since you heard onderful things about it, is an example.   aa

State the fact that you like the brand and you want to get to know more of the product, or want to try out (the probability of sending samples is really high- which is great to travel with).

If you are a blogger or Influencer, that’s a whole new story and you can check my: How to Get Partnership With Brands? here

Second- Get in contact with brands you know they easily send products or samples

Some brands are more easy to send samples and products to clients, others don’t, select a few you know like MAC, Sigma, Zaful, Shein, SoFeel, Clarins, The Body Shop, NIVEA…

In my next post I’ll be posting a list of emails and contacts of brands x

Third- Write reviews aaaa

There are a couple of websites that send free product when writting review about the products like Octoly, or simply write a review on Facebook, Instagram and tag the brand, thhese will make sure the brand knows you like their product and the chance of them sending a new product for you to try is high, knowing you are a valued “customer”.


Lastely Don’t give up, if brands don’t send full size products, there are a lot of brands that send free gifts, samples and do giveaways now and then.

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Halloween Last Minute Costume Ideas!


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Halloween is coming soon, and you still don’t have a costume?

Don’t worry, I have here tips and tricks for you to get the perfect outfit in minutes

First let’s talk about my last year’s Halloween outfit, it was a little puma, I invested on the makeup as you can see here:


Halloween Makeup

But follows the perfect ideal for Halloween fashion:

You can use simple but cute outfits like this amazing leggings skull: Click to see

Combining with this skull t-shit, formas the perfect outfit: Click here to see

If you want something comfy, check this amazing onesie: Click here to see



Don’t forget to have fun and stay safe,







How to do a Cut Crease for Begginers

Yesterday was the first time I made a cut crease, and I wanted to share my experience.

  • 16387222_1402269006512898_2387096623747423664_nFirst I added a eyeshadow base or primer
  • Then I started to blend the dark shade on my crease, concentrating on the top only
  • Getting a cream shadow, apply the shadow all over the eyelid base, not touching the crease
  • Do that cat liner
  • Last but not least go over the crease with the dark shadow
  • Be creative and add glitter, color


Basic Makeup Kit for Starters

What are the basic makeup to start a makeup kit?


Here are some tips to start you’re makeup collection!


-BB Cream or Foundation and concealorbb

Depending on you’re type of skin or you’re day a day routine I recommend a BB cream for a light coverage + it has sun screen and moistrizer.

Foundation on the other side is recommended for a more full coverage, and for skin that has more blemish and imperfection.

Concealor is for correcting any blemish and color correcting



-Face Setting Powder  p

After applying foundation and concealor, set all the liquid with a face powder. It can be the color of you’re skin, which will give more coverage or a invisible (white) setting powder for baking or removing any shine.





-Eyebrow Pencil   pp

Use eyebrow pencil for feeling in any hair that isn’t visible or growing for a more neutral and full look








-Neutral Eyeshadow  ee

Use neutral eyeshadow colors like browns, black, white and cream.

I use a black eyeshadow on the lash line as a natural eyeliner, before applying eyeshadow use you’re concealor in cream or liquid to set and asct as a primer. You can also use a brown eyeshadow as a eyebrow powder instead for the pencil.




– Lip and cheek tint lip

Use a lip and cheek tint instead of blush and lipstick,

it’s more natural and tooth looking.

You can use a rose, peach or more red looking.



brushFor brush I recommend buying products that already comes with a brush but in case of a foundation or eyeshadow, use smaller, blending brush like the silver ones. For powder and foundation use the fluffy and bigge rones like the gold and pink.






Now you can start you’re on makeup kit without spending so much money and looking natural and beautiful!

xo -K